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All I Have To Offer 

Master Of The Wind 

Nobody Loves Me Like You 



Oh I Want To See Him 

Leavin On My Mind 

Doorways To Nowhere

Little Things

All My Hope 

Broken Pieces

When We Stand Together

When We All Get To Heaven 

There's No Place Too Far From Grace

I Have Been Blessed

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I've Got A Lot To Thank The Lord For 

I Found Grace 

I Will Bless Him 

Jesus Take A Hold 

Over And Over 

Something I Can Feel 

When God Intervenes

Windows Of My Soul 

Why Should I Worry 

That's Why We Come 

I'm Lost 

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Something I Can Feel (CD) is $10.00 Plus $2.00 For Shipping 


I've Got My Foot On The Rock 

Leave Me A Promise

Arms Open Wide 

I've Changed My Mind Devil  

One Day I Will 

Didn't I Walk On Water 

Once Upon A Hill 

I Know The Man  

He Knows My Name  

Set Your House In Order 

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Get Up In Jesus Name 

Jesus Of Nazareth 

How Can I Keep From Singing 

So Much To Thank Him For 

God Is Walking 

Winds Of The World 

Blood Stained Pages 

If I Could Just Touch 

The Choice 

It's Never Too Late 

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Tina Wakefield (CD) is $10.00 Plus $2.00 For Shipping 

         Over And Over 

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#1 For The Month Of May 2018

All My Hope - Tina Wakefield

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